EDITORIAL: Vol. 5 No. 1, 2018 by editor in chief

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Jacson is one of journals published by JACSOnline Group Publisher (JACSOnline GP). Jacson is a scientific journal as a window of scholars from the field of Applied Chemical Science to disseminate their research works and opinion. The Jacson operates the non-profit work based on the rule according to the CC by NC SA 3.0.  Formerly Jacson is a Jacsonline (j-a-c-s-online)-Journal of Applied Chemical Science-online, however, since September 2016 the Jacsonline had moved to be a publisher and the remained journal of applied chemical science was stated to be named as a Jacson. Since there, the logo of the journal applied since 2012 was removed and its style partially changed. Because of these changes, there is shown differently in logo and style of articles between 2012 to 2015 and thereafter published. Moreover, during the periods up to 2015, the volume and the edition were not having a publishing fixed time. These facts were the first generation in Jacson management.

                The 2016 was the new stage of the Journal of Applied Chemical Science known as Jacson as mentioned above. There was not only changed in it brand style (logo) and separated its website from the publisher only but also the timing of the publishing was decided to perform which is December 14 and June 20. The December 14, 2016 was decided to start the first new version of the publishing processes with 5 articles. Once launching that new rule, the jacson publishes annually one volume with two editions. There is shown that volume 4, 2017 has two editions which are Vol. 4 No.1 and Vol. 4 No. 2, respectively. There were 6 articles for each edition of the Vol. 4 No.1 and Vol. 4 No. 2, respectively. This might be known as the six article rules. The six article rules were included the numbers of article published, reviewing process, included in digital object identifier (DOI), article charges system for open access, and ordering for the hard copy.

                All those changes within the six article rules applied above were for an adaptation of the JACSOnline GP with a new system as a member of the Publisher International Linking Association (PILA) under Crossref section. Since there, the JACSOnline GP ensures the articles published by the Jacson matched with the regulation encouraged by the PILA under the Crossref section. The DOI: 10.22341 is the unique identity of the JACSOnline GP among the publishers throughout the world.  Since Jacson’s articles have own DOI under the umbrella of JACSOnline GP, the articles disseminated by the Jacson are more visible. The articles published are now indexed in any international data bases such as Google Scholar, Crossref, Scilit, Chemical Abstract Service, and Copernicus. Since there, the Jacson as a scientific journal has been on its sit as one of the Scientific International Journals. Because of numbers and qualities of manuscripts entering the Jacson significantly increased, Vol. 5 No.1, numbers of articles disseminated by the Jacson increased which were 10 articles. Therefore, the rules of six articles are significantly moved into the 10 article rules.



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