Analysis of the Jargons Used by Players of the Clash of Clans Game, an Online Game

Yanuarius Alfando Djawa

English Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Educational Sciences, Nusa Cendana University, Kupang, INDONESIA

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This research focuses on three aspects of jargon used in COC’s game, namely forms, meanings and the manner how to use them. The aims of this research are to identify the jargon and to find out the form, meanings and how to use them. In finding out those aspects, descriptive qualitative method has been employed. Techniques of data collection have been done by monitoring and interview. The procedure of data analysis by reviewing all the data gained from the result of monitoring and interview and analyzed through a systematic procedure including identifying the jargon, describing their form and meanings and finding out the way how to use them. As the descriptive qualitative research, the data found during the time of research have been included in this thesis. The research reveals that the jargon used in COC Game consists of twenty two jargons namely Mentok, Zonk, Kutu, Premature, Lava, Farming, Sleding, Push Trophy, BMX, TH, CC, AQ, ML, MINIMAX, GIBARCH, CLING, Intro, Req, Loons, Co, Valk, up. The benefits of this research in teaching and learning English are as the reference for those who want to enrich their knowledge about jargons especially, for other future researchers who are interested in conducting research under similar topic. It can also be used as the medium to help students or anyone in enhancing their skills in communicating in English particularly when they use jargons.

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