About JACSOnline GP


JACSOnline is dedicated to being one of the scientific portals to disseminate printed version and digitally online of the scientific works of scholars from various fields of the Chemical Sciences, which is named JACSOnline Group Publisher (JACSOnline GP). The JACSOnline GP presently disseminates all the accepted manuscripts under scientific controls of the Journal of Applied Chemical Science (p-ISSN: 2089-6328/e-ISSN: 2580-1953). Since September 2016, the JACSOnline GP is one of the members of Crossref,  a portal of the PILA (Publishers International-Linking Association) and bestowed the Digital Identifier Object (DOI) prefix that is 10-22341 while the suffix jacson is for Jounal of Applied Chemical Science. All articles published since 3rd volume have been accompanied with initial DOI as https://doi.org/10.22341/jacson. By the Crossref permission, the Crossref’s logo exists in logo space of JACSOnline GP.

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